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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Ultra Enhancer

Ultra Enhancer

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Stone Care Direct presents ULTRA ENHANCER, a product designed to intensify and maximize the natural colors of surfaces, providing a stunning and vibrant appearance. Users can expect a deep, rich look that enhances the inherent beauty of their natural stone and porous tiles.

With its versatile application, ULTRA ENHANCER caters to various surface needs, suitable for a range of natural porous stones including Sandstone, Slate, Limestone, and more. It's also perfect for all porous tile surfaces, offering a comprehensive solution for enhancing spaces.

Suitable for both internal and external applications, ULTRA ENHANCER allows users to enhance indoor flooring or breathe new life into outdoor surfaces. Users can transform their living spaces with a consistent and vibrant aesthetic.

Beyond its color-enhancing capabilities, ULTRA ENHANCER provides a protective coating that helps prevent stains and retains enhanced colors over time. Users can enjoy the benefits of a sealer that not only beautifies but also safeguards surfaces.

Featuring a 100% breathable, polymer-rich solvent formula, ULTRA ENHANCER ensures that natural stone and porous tiles can "breathe" while still benefiting from enhanced protection. This unique formulation balances protection with the preservation of the surface's natural characteristics.


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