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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Tuff Glide

Tuff Glide

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A great glide can truly elevate your wand's cleaning ability. That's why Rugged Industries is proud to introduce our new Tuff Glide™!

Tuff Glides™ are:

  • Truly Tuff
    Tuff Glides™ are made out of superior quality, 100% pure virgin PTFE. They effortlessly glide over any carpet.
  • Adaptable
    They're specially built to adapt to a wide variety of 14" and 12" wands.
  • Effective
    These hybrid style glides are able to pick up debris while sliding easily over carpet and drying quickly. They also allow you to clean to the carpet's edge.
  • Affordable
    High quality glides don't have to break the bank.
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