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The Max Range Sample kit

The Max Range Sample kit

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Introducing "The Max Range Sample Kit" – your trusted ally for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning! Tailored specifically for carpet cleaners like you, this kit is designed to elevate your services and impress your clients. Before committing to larger quantities, explore the unparalleled cleaning power of our specially curated range of chemicals. From stain removers to deep cleaners, each product in this kit is a testament to quality and effectiveness. With "The Max Range Sample Kit," you can ensure you have the right tools at your disposal, offering a hands-on experience to showcase the excellence of your cleaning solutions. Elevate your cleaning game and make a lasting impression with this comprehensive sampling experience


Max Encapsulating Rinse - 500 ML

Max Encapsulating Rinse is an effective acidic rinse that not only neutralises and cleans but also enhances rinsing efficiency. It removes alkaline residue, encapsulates soils, and prevents wick back. With WoolSafe approval, it provides a powerful cleaning experience that leaves surfaces spotless and clean for longer.

Using Max Rinse is easy. For portables, simply mix 30ml with 10 litres of water. For truckmounts, mix 1 litre with 19 litres of water in a stock container bottle and set the TM meter to 1-2 gallons per hour.


Max Enzyme - 750 G

Max Enzyme is a cleaning solution that contains active enzymes, designed explicitly to eliminate stubborn stains arising from various sources such as food, grease, oil, and protein-based stains. Its safe-to-use formula is compatible with all surfaces and is available in bulk quantities suitable for cost-effective usage across different settings, be it food service, industrial, or institutional cleaning.

The product is easy to use and versatile. For normal soiling, add 1 scoop of Max Enzyme to 1 litre of hot water. For heavy soiling, add 1.5 scoops to 1 litre of hot water. And for inline sprayers, the recommended ratio is 8:1, mix 6-8 scoops per 1 litre of water. With Max Enzyme, you'll be able to achieve spotless results with minimal effort.


Max Power - 750 G

Max Power is a powerful pre-spray that is free from detergents, enzymes, and solvents. It is designed to tackle tough stains without leaving any soiling residue. Max Power is perfect for synthetic fabrics, low moisture cleaning, and leaves a pleasant passion fruit scent. It is cost-effective and environment-friendly.

Using Max Power is easy and versatile. Mix 1 scoop (15ml) per 1 litre of hot water for light to moderate soiling and 1.5 scoops per 1 litre of hot water for heavy soiling. For best results with an inline sprayer, use a 8:1 ratio and mix 6-8 scoops per 1 litre of water. For low moisture cleaning, mix 1-2 scoops with 5 litres of warm water.

Mega Max - 750 G

Introducing Our Heavy Duty Solvent Pre Spray: The Solution to Stubborn Carpet Stains

Tired of stubborn carpet stains? Say goodbye to them for good with our powerful Heavy Duty Solvent Pre Spray! Our specially formulated pre-treatment is designed to break down heavy oil-based stains, making it the perfect solution for heavily soiled restaurant and pub carpets.

Using our pre-treatment is easy, simply add 1 scoop of the product to 1 litre of hot water for normal soiling, and 1.5 scoops for heavy soiling. For best results, use an inline sprayer with a 8:1 ratio, mixing 6-8 scoops per 1 litre of water. Always remember to pre-test the product before use to make sure it's suitable for your surface.

Max Clean & Extract - 750 G

Max Clean & Extract is an Alkaline Rinse and Standalone Cleaner. These highly concentrated powders are specifically designed to encapsulate carpet fibers, preventing resoiling and browning. Our unique formulations are safe for all carpet types and provide professional-grade results at a reasonable cost.

The cleaner is easy to use and versatile, depending on the level of soiling. For portable cleaning machines, mix 1 scoop per 10 litres of water for light to moderate soiling, and 2 scoops per 10 litres of water for medium to heavy soiling. For truckmounts, mix 8 scoops in a 20 litre stock container bottle to use as a rinse, or 16 scoops in a 20 litre stock container bottle as a standalone cleaner.

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