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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Stone Soap 5 Litre

Stone Soap 5 Litre

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Bonastre Stone Soap is no ordinary cleaner. It’s a transformative solution that begins by sealing your stone floors, offering a layer of protection like no other. But it doesn’t stop there. This innovative soap is designed to maintain the pristine condition of your floors, day in and day out.

Our Stone Soap takes stone floor maintenance to the next level. It not only cleans but also enhances slip resistance, making it the ultimate choice for stone floor surfaces. From Marble and Terrazzo to Limestone, Bonastre Stone Soap does it all.

When it comes to sealing Marble, Terrazzo, and Limestone, Stone Soap is your go-to solution. Mix it with water in a 1:3 ratio, and watch the magic happen. In seconds, it reacts with calcium, creating a water-insoluble and dirt-repellent surface. The result? Reduced maintenance and labour, as your floors stay in pristine condition for longer.

Unlike other products that can build up, Stone Soap has a natural affinity for calcium. It doesn’t accumulate on your floors; instead, it cleans thoroughly, every day, without fail.

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