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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Sebo Automatic XP10

Sebo Automatic XP10

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The SEBO AUTOMATIC XP introduces effortless and efficient floor care through automated features. Its computer control system constantly monitors performance, adjusting the brush height to the optimal setting for various floor types, ensuring peak efficiency on smooth floors or high pile carpets. Equipped with the latest S-Class-Filtration, it achieves an A* rating in dust re-emission.

From smooth surfaces to high-pile carpets, the intelligent SEBO AUTOMATIC XP serves as a versatile solution for all flooring types. The brush automatically adapts to the optimal floor setting, and the lightweight design of the single-motor upright vacuum ensures easy maneuverability. The conveniently located hose with a telescopic tube is readily available for tackling hard-to-reach corners. Maintenance is a breeze, allowing you to seamlessly continue your vacuuming tasks.

Automatic Optimization of Performance Settings The sensor-controlled performance setting continuously measures the resistance of the rotary brush, ensuring adaptability to various flooring types. The brush effectively engages with carpets or hard floors, and in low-performance mode, a rubber lip behind the brush seals tightly, channeling even the finest dust into the suction flow.

Top-tier Filtration - Class A Featuring a three-stage filtration system comprising the X-filter bag, pre-motor Microfilter, and exhaust filter, the SEBO AUTOMATIC XP achieves a dust re-emission class of A*. This advanced filtration ensures superior air quality during vacuuming.

Sleek and Flat Design The SEBO AUTOMATIC XP effortlessly reaches under furniture with its low-profile design, allowing it to operate effectively even when completely flat.

Tool-Free Brush Replacement Efficient maintenance is achieved with a quick and tool-free brush removal process, facilitating easy cleaning of hair and fibers. Replacing a worn-out brush is a hassle-free task.

Functional Wand The wand, equipped with an integrated extending hose, provides a reach of 2.60 m. The integrated upholstery nozzle and crevice tool can be effortlessly attached to either the wand or the hose for added convenience.

Also includes a pack of 10 Sebo XP Bags

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