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Rug Smack

Rug Smack

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Rug Smack Cleaner (Natural & Synthetic Fibers)

Rug Smack Cleaner is an innovative powdered rug cleaner designed for both natural and synthetic fibers. Infused with oxygen bleach, it cleans brighter, is safe, and smells great. This versatile product is ideal for in-plant or top-down cleaning, featuring special soil-suspending agents for easy removal. With a neutral pH range of 7-8, it is safe on all rugs and rinses out completely, leaving no residue.

Key Features:

  • Oxygen Bleach
  • Neutral pH (7-8)
  • Safe for Natural and Synthetic Fibers
  • Versatile Cleaning Methods

Customer Reviews from TMF Website:

Rated 5 stars by 42 users, Rug Smack Cleaner receives praise for its powerful cleaning ability and safety on various rug types. Users highlight its ease of use and recommend it highly for both residential and commercial applications.

Join the satisfied customers and experience the exceptional cleaning power of Rug Smack Cleaner.

PH 7-8 @ RTU

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