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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

RSF Alkaline Rinse

RSF Alkaline Rinse

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TMF launches the most versatile carpet and upholstery rinse ever developed.
RSF Alkaline Rinse is designed to effectively neutralize high pH, whether used as a pre-spray or as a carpet cleaner.
RSF Alkaline Rinse will drop the pH while retaining RSF high cleaning power. 
This helps reduce browning, bleeding, re-soiling; and prepares fibers for bonding protectors.
It is highly concentrated and safe for all types of carpets and fiber materials.

The industry's first powered encapsulating rinse.
99% Green
Environmentally safe
VOC Compliant
No Butyls
No NTA's
No Limonene
No Oxidizers
No Fillers
Superior Alkaline
Superior Emulsification
Superior Sequestration
Dries to a crystal
No low grade materials

Dilution: Portables 1/2 scoop per 10L of hot water mix thoroughly until dissolved for extra heavy soiling use 1 scoop.
Dilution: Truckmounts fill your 19L detergent tank with 9L of water add 8 scoops for a standalone cleaner or 4 scoops as a rinse then agitate to dissolve and add 10L of water. Set truckmount at 2GPH for regular soiling and 3-4GPH for heavy soiled residential and commercial carpets 

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