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Red Label Cherry Bomb Pre-Spray

Red Label Cherry Bomb Pre-Spray

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Red Label Cherry Bomb Pre-Spray

Red Label Cherry Bomb Pre-spray is a powerful carpet and upholstery cleaning solution from Rob Allen's Secret Stash. Utilizing natural surfactants, it provides superior emulsification and a pleasant cherry scent. The product is free of NTAs, butyls, and fillers, making it environmentally safe and non-corrosive. It dissolves quickly, dries to a crystal, and leaves no sticky residue.

Key Features:

  • No NTAs, Butyls, or Fillers
  • 99% Green at RTU
  • Superior Emulsification
  • VOC Compliant
  • Cherry Scent

Customer Reviews from TMF Website:

Rated 5 stars by 75 users, customers appreciate its effective cleaning power and pleasant scent. Most reviews highlight its ease of use and recommend it for both residential and commercial applications.

Join the satisfied customers and enhance your cleaning with Red Label Cherry Bomb Pre-spray.

Cleanspec Cumbria Ltd proudly holds sole distributor rights for TMF products in the UK.

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