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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Penguin 5 Gallon Battery Sprayer

Penguin 5 Gallon Battery Sprayer

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Introducing StainOut Systems’ Penguin 5 Gallon Cordless Sprayer - the ultimate solution for all your disinfectant, pre-spray, and deodorant needs! This battery-operated sprayer offers portability and durability, making it ideal for tough jobs that require a reliable and long-lasting sprayer. With a 90 PSI capacity, the Penguin can handle anything thrown its way.

Whether you're cleaning carpets with Smiley Paws or other earth-friendly cleaning supplies, this lightweight sprayer is the perfect choice. The compact and high-performance lithium-ion battery pack ensures that you can keep going for days, and the sprayer charges in just a few hours.

Take the Penguin 5 Gallon Battery Operated Sprayer anywhere you need to go - its cordless design allows for maximum mobility. Don't let your cleaning tasks slow you down - choose the Penguin for a hassle-free and efficient experience!

Dimensions 17.0 × 17.0 × 41.0 in

90 PSI


5 gallons

Lithium Ion Battery

11.1 volt

Battery Life

All Day

Operating Current

1.5 amps


• 18" Lance
• 10 ft clear coil hose

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