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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Overshoes Blue

Overshoes Blue

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Made of durable CPE plastic, these elasticated P.P.E overshoes fit snugly over a wide range of shoe sizes. Designed to provide suitable protection, avoid cross-contamination and offer quick convenience. Easy to put on and dispose of after use.
16-inch long covers protect shoes from dirt and debris, keeping the floor clean. The elasticated rim ensures that the shoe cover fits firmly in place, stays secure and is comfortable.

With generous sizing easily accommodating sizes ranging from 5 to 11.
Crafted from durable and embossed CPE plastic, our blue overshoes are built to provide suitable protection and grip.
Designed with convenience in mind, making them easy to put on and take off whenever
Not only do these overshoes protect the floors and carpets from cross-contamination, but they also keep your shoes
pristine. Avoid mud, dust, or other unwanted substances ruining your footwear. Slip on these overshoes, and you
can confidently and safely navigate any workspace or area without compromising cleanliness.
Great for keeping carpets and floors clean in places like food factories, food processing, leisure centres, laboratories
and clean areas. Also keeps your shoes free from unwanted dirt and germs.

100 overshoes supplied

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