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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Natural Green Extremely Clean Traffic Lane Cleaner

Natural Green Extremely Clean Traffic Lane Cleaner

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Extremely Clean TLC is a highly concentrated and powerful solvent with a light citrus scent. TLC removes grease, dirt and grime from heavy traveled traffic areas such as hallways, office areas, etc.

• 99% environmentally friendly
• Cuts through TOUGH grease and grime
• Citrus solvent
• Low dwell time
• Add to your pre-spray
• Use alone as a spotter
• 9.5 PH

Extremely Clean TLC was specially formulated with the option to use alone as a pre-spray, as a spotter or added to your pre-spray as a booster.

1 gallon jug, makes 128 gallons
Case 4/1 gallon jugs
5 gallon pail

Mixing Guide:

8-1 Inline Sprayer:
• (8- to 16-oz.) Pre-spray

4-1 Inline Sprayer:
• (4- to 8-oz.) Pre-spray

Pump Up Sprayer or Hand Sprayer:
• (1-2 oz.) Pre-spray

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