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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Mega Max Heavy Duty Solvent Pre-Spray 15kg

Mega Max Heavy Duty Solvent Pre-Spray 15kg

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Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to spotless carpets with our Heavy Duty Solvent Pre Spray! This powerful pre-treatment is specially formulated to break down heavy oil-based stains and is perfect for heavily soiled restaurant and pub carpets.

Using our pre-treatment is easy, simply add 1 scoop of the product to 1 litre of hot water for normal soiling, and 1.5 scoops for heavy soiling. For best results, use an inline sprayer with a 8:1 ratio, mixing 6-8 scoops per 1 litre of water. Always remember to pre-test the product before use to make sure it's suitable for your surface.

Each 15kg container comes with a 15ml scoop, making it easy to measure and use the correct amount. This pre-treatment is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way, saving you time and money.

Don't wait any longer! Try our Heavy Duty Solvent Pre Spray today and experience the difference for yourself.

15kg supplied and 15ml scoop 

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