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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Max Alkaline Bundle

Max Alkaline Bundle

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The Max Alkaline Bundle contains

Mega Max 5kg this powerful solvent pre-spray is specially formulated to break down heavy oil-based stains and is perfect for heavily soiled restaurant and pub carpets.

Max Enzyme 5kg a powerful cleaning solution that contains active enzymes that are specifically designed to tackle food, grease, oil and protein-based stains. This product is ideal for cleaning professionals who are looking for an effective and efficient solution to remove tough stains.

Max Power 4kg  a powerful pre-spray that's free from detergents, enzymes, and solvents. This unique formula is specifically designed to tackle tough stains without leaving any soiling residue. Perfect for synthetic fabrics and can be used as an everyday pre-spray. It is also great for low moisture cleaning and leaves a pleasant passion fruit scent.

Max Alkaline Rinse and Standalone Cleaner 10kg (2x 5kg) - a powerful solution for keeping your carpets looking fresh and clean. This highly concentrated powder is designed to encapsulate the fibers of your carpet, preventing resoiling and browning. The unique formulation of this cleaner allows it to dry to a neutral pH once dried, making it safe for use on all types of carpets. It can be used as a standalone cleaner for carpets that require a freshen up, or as an alkaline rinse after cleaning to remove any remaining dirt and debris.

Ban Rouge 1L is specially formulated to break down and remove red wine stains quickly, also removes irn bru stains and other coloured stains.

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