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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Liquid Gold TLC

Liquid Gold TLC

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Liquid Gold TLC is ideal for use on commercial carpet cleaning and rat nasty residential carpet. This concentrated and powerful TLC removes the heavy traveled traffic soils and grease from kitchens, buffets, mechanic shops, office areas, etc.

• 99% environmentally friendly
• Cuts through grease and grime
• Citrus solvent
• Low dwell time
• Add to your pre-spray
• Use alone as a spotter
• 9.5 to 10 PH

Liquid Gold was specially formulated to be used alone as a pre-spray, spotter and add to your pre-spray mix as a booster to help cut through the grease and grime on those rat nasty tough industrial jobs!

Mixing Guide:

8-1 Inline Sprayer:
• (8- to 16-oz.) Pre-spray

4-1 Inline Sprayer:
• (4- to 8-oz.) Pre-spray

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