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Gentoo Battery Sprayer – GEN2.0

Gentoo Battery Sprayer – GEN2.0

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Introducing the GEN2.0,  the SOS Gentoo Battery Sprayer. This lightweight and portable cordless sprayer is perfect for disinfectants, pre-sprays, deodorants, and more. With a powerful 90 psi pump and chemical-resistant Viton seals, this sprayer ensures constant power and a longer life cycle. It charges up to 4x faster, holds charge longer and weighs only 8 lbs. 

The quick connects built into the GEN2.0 allow for easy bottle swapping in just seconds, making it ideal for a wide range of uses such as pre-spraying carpets, sanitizing, disinfecting, plant food, and insecticide applications.

You can charge it on the road with the car charger included.

The sprayer can be used for commercial and home purposes and is a great choice for gardens and around the house. The tank easily lifts off for quick bottle change. The Gentoo Battery Sprayer can be charged nightly or as needed, and the indicator light turns red while charging and green when fully charged. Its part number is 71-202.

Need to keep different chemicals for different applications close by.  Don’t forget to add extra Gentoo bottles.  Comes with cap. (Does not include dip tube) 

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