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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

EEM 13 R Set with pump tank

EEM 13 R Set with pump tank

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Bathrooms, baths, changing rooms, stairs, hard surfaces and carpets.
The EEM 13 R eccentric dingle disk machine is ideal for cleaning small surfaces, niches and corners due to its compact construction and simple operation.

With its nominal weight of 12.7 kg, it is also suited for use on staircases.  The eccentric transmission ensures effective cleaning and problemfree, safe maneuvering without effort or strain. The large rubber-coated wheels allow for convenient transport without leaving traces on the freshly-cleaned surface. The EEM13R can clean hard surfaces, buff stone and parquet flooring, and even carpet clean with the included accessories.

Voltage - 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Max. power - 250 W
Brush rotation - 150 rpm
Brush/ pad disk size - 10‘‘ / 254 mm
Max. disk diameter - 13‘‘
Weight -12,7 kg
Length of power cord - 7,5 m

Includes tank, brush medium, brush soft, pad holder, 6 m power cord

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