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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Duo Female & Male Flash cuffs 2"

Duo Female & Male Flash cuffs 2"

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The Flash Cuff™ takes durability and innovation to the next level!
Rugged construction and a unique design ensure that twisted hoses and cuff replacements are a thing of the past. Additionally, the Flash Cuff™ both swivels and locks.

Tighter connections between cuffs decrease the amount of air lost - leading to faster drying times.
Inside diameter of the cuff is the same as that of the hose, keeping turbulence to a minimum and increasing air flow.
Cuff allows your hoses to swivel - don't spend your time untwisting tangled hoses.
Easy push-button lock keeps your hoses together whether you're going up stairs or around corners.
Virtually indestructible. We've driven a truck over this--enough said!
Tapered ends and shorter length allow the Flash Cuff to fit on the hose reel and keep its shape better than competitive products


Male and Female Flash cuff supplied.

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