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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Bonastre Diamond 5" Pad Set

Bonastre Diamond 5" Pad Set

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The Original 3 Stage Diamond Polishing Pad System. Red Pad 1 The Most abrasive of the 3 Pads to leave a Matt Finish. Yellow Pad 2 Used after the Red Pad to give a low shine finish. Green Pad 3 To be used after Red & Yellow Pads to give a Gloss & High Shine finish.

Bonastre Pads Eco Friendly Polishing Pads are ideal for mechanical surface polishing with or without experience, so anyone can achieve incredible results without risk of damaging or staining surfaces. Bonastre Pads discs are economical, fast, give fantastic results and are simple to use.  They have multiple applications and can be used with different types of equipment: low speed polishers, manual polishers and scrubbers, all of them achieving an incredible shine using only water

Available in different sizes.

Simple process, fewer steps and better results To clean and polish.

Spectacular lasting shine.

Non-slip shine even in the wet.

It even removes acid stains.

Does not scratch the ground

Only water required

Easy to use

Eco friendly, no chemicals.

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