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Cleanspec Cumbria Limited

Bio Clean Supercharger

Bio Clean Supercharger

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Bio Clean Supercharger is a peroxide-based pre-spray booster for all of those hard to remove everyday stains including, but not limited to coffee, tea, blood, red wine, and pet urine. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this potent, yet completely odorless and colorless “green” product. Only to be used on synthetic fibers.

• Biocide
• Decontaminate
• Pre-spray Booster
• Peroxide-based
• Soil Lifter

Mixing Guide:

8-1 Inline Sprayer:
• (8-oz.) Pre-spray Booster

4-1 Inline Sprayer:
• (4-oz.) Pre-spray Booster

Pump Up Sprayer:
• (1-2 oz.) Pre-spray Booster

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