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The Upholstery Cleaning and Fine Fabrics Training Course hosted by Cleanspec Cumbria and led by TrainToClean experts Jared Long and Lee Breen is more than just a training program; it’s an investment in your professional future. This course is part of a back-to-back training program with the Carpet Cleaning and Spot & Stain Removal Course, providing a comprehensive learning experience. With expert instruction, you'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the upholstery cleaning industry.

Meet the Experts

Jared Long

Jared Long is renowned in the upholstery cleaning industry for his extensive knowledge and experience. With over two decades of experience, Jared has developed a deep understanding of various fabrics and the best methods for cleaning them. He has worked with numerous high-end clients and challenging fabrics, always delivering outstanding results. Jared’s expertise lies in his ability to diagnose fabric types accurately and apply the most suitable cleaning techniques, ensuring the preservation and longevity of the upholstery.
Jared's approach to training is highly interactive and engaging. He believes in imparting practical skills that participants can immediately apply in their professional work. His sessions are filled with real-life examples and troubleshooting tips that come from years of hands-on experience. Jared's goal is to equip participants with the confidence and knowledge to handle any upholstery cleaning challenge they may encounter.

Lee Breen

Lee Breen, another pillar of TrainToClean, brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the course. Lee has a background in textile manufacturing and maintenance, giving him an in-depth understanding of fabric construction and behavior. His expertise in fine fabrics, such as silk and velvet, is particularly valuable for those looking to specialise in high-end upholstery cleaning.
Lee’s teaching style is methodical and thorough, ensuring that participants grasp the underlying principles of fabric care and cleaning. He emphasises the importance of fabric identification and pre-testing, which are crucial steps in preventing damage and achieving the best cleaning results. Lee’s sessions are designed to build a strong foundation in fabric science, complemented by advanced cleaning techniques that he has perfected 


Course Overview

This two-day course is structured to provide a comprehensive learning experience:

Day 1: Fundamentals and Fabric Identification

Morning Session:

Introduction to various upholstery fabrics.

Techniques for fabric identification and pre-testing to determine the most effective cleaning methods.

Afternoon Session:

Basic cleaning techniques.

Addressing common cleaning challenges and solutions.

Day 2: Advanced Cleaning Techniques and Practical Training

Morning Session:

Advanced methods for delicate and fine fabrics such as cotton, linen, viscose, and velvets

Specialised stain removal techniques.

Afternoon Session:

Hands-on practical training with real furniture and fabrics.

Interactive Q&A and troubleshooting session with Jared and Lee.

Course Logistics

Location: The course is hosted by Cleanspec Cumbria at their training center at 62 Gilwilly Rd, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith CA11 9BL. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to provide a conducive learning environment.

Dates and Time: The next session is scheduled for October 10th and 11th, 2024. The course begins promptly at 9:00 am and concludes around 4:00 pm each day. Participants are advised to arrive by 8:30 am to settle in and enjoy light refreshments.

Cost: The course fee is £300.00, inclusive of light refreshments and lunch on both days.

Why Enroll?

  1. Expert Training: Learn from Jared Long and Lee Breen, who bring decades of experience and expertise.
  2. Practical Skills: Gain hands-on experience with a variety of fabrics and real-world cleaning scenarios.
  3. Professional Growth: Enhance your skills, boost your confidence, and open up new opportunities in your career.
  4. Networking: Connect with industry peers and build valuable professional relationships.

How to Enroll

Enrollment is straightforward. Visit the Upholstery Cleaning and Fine Fabrics training Course – Cleanspec Cumbria Limited (cleanspec-cumbria.co.uk) .

Due to the practical nature of the course, spaces are limited, so early registration is recommended.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and elevate your cleaning services. Sign up today and take the first step towards becoming a certified expert in upholstery cleaning and fine fabrics

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